How to Build a Hidden Door in Minecraft


Minecraft is one of the most popular sandbox games on all gaming platforms. In it, players can survive in a world created from blocks and craft various tools, blocks, and mechanisms. These mechanisms perform simple actions, but they can be combined to create incredible mechanized buildings. And in this guide, we will tell you how to build a Hidden Door.

How to Build a Hidden Door

In Minecraft, you can create a door that looks like part of a rock. And we are not talking about a suspicious rock with buttons or pressure plates, but about a truly hidden door. To open it, you need to put the Redstone Torch in the right place.

We recommend building a Hidden Door in the mountains or near the rock, as it is easier to hide the mechanism. So, break a passage two blocks high and three blocks deep. Then turn right and create a 4×4 room. After that, you need to place 4 Sticky Pistons on the wall. Next, put two Sticky Pistons on the left so that they are turned towards the exit and next to it are two more blocks of rock.

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Now you need to connect this mechanism. Place blocks on top of the Sticky Pistons and draw a line of Redstones on them. Above the Sticky Pistons that rest against the blocks, you must place the Repeater and click once on it. Then continue to Redstone so that it descends to the left of the passage.

Outside, choose a suitable spot to the left of the door and place a Redstone Torch. And after Redstone Torch put any one block, Sticky Piston directed deep into the rocks, Observer and another Sticky Piston, but directed towards the passage. Then, to the last Piston, put a Redstone Block. To the left of the block, draw a Redstone line and connect through the top to the Repeater that was placed earlier. And you’re done, to use the door, you will need to remove and place the Redstone Torch.

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How to Build a Hidden Door in Minecraft


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