Best Minecraft Speed Run Seeds


In this guide, we have the best seeds for those who like to speedrun Minecraft. All seeds from the collection have their own peculiarities, advantages, and disadvantages, but they are united by the presence of a fortress with an activated portal to the End. It is impossible to choose the best one of them since all of them allow players to finish Minecraft very fast.

The Best Seed for Minecraft Speedrunning

Seed: -4530634556500121041

Version: 1.16.x

With this seed, you will start the game in a village with 16 obsidian. In case you want to get to the fortress faster, you can use the portal to Nether, which is located next to the village.

Coordinates of the activated portal to the End: 1011 36 -1220

Fortress Under Mushroom Island

Seed: 3003099011617981478

Version: 1.16.x

Using this seed, you will spawn near the village and the desert temple, which is located at coordinates 80 ~ 115. To get to the fortress, you need to go to the mushroom island, which is located near point 750 ~ 1085.

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The coordinates of the activated portal to the End: 748 40 1135

Fortress Under the Mansion

Seed: 3470548327516841100

Version: 1.16.x

The peculiarity of this seed is that you can get to the fortress by boat. You can do this right after you spawn. Also, you will start the game on an island with a treasure (-215 ~ 73). On another island, at -135 ~ 153, you can find another treasure. If you go to coordinates -630 ~ 1730, you will see a mansion, under which there is a fortress. If you need a village, the nearest spawn point is at 610 ~ 230, and the closest one to the mansion is at 1370 ~ 1845.

The coordinates of the activated portal to the End: -705 23 1705

Fortress Next to Village and Temple

Seed: 185640731491052962

Version: 1.16.x

In this seed, the fortress is generated near the village and the desert temple, which are located at the coordinates -1300 ~ -980. On the way to the fortress, you can loot another temple at -470 ~ 10 and a village in the savannah, which is located at -1196 ~ 444.

Activated End Portal Coordinates: -1258 25 -934

Good luck with your speedrunning!

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Best Minecraft Speed Run Seeds


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