How to Build a Brewing Room In Minecraft – Design Guide


To use the Brewing Stand and brew various potions, you do not need to build a special room, since one block will be enough for you. But still, having a separate room for creating magical potions is a good decision, since all the necessary ingredients will be in one place, and the magical atmosphere in the room will allow you to create potions with even more pleasure.

How to Build a Brewing Room In Minecraft – Design Guide

There are an infinite number of options for creating a room and its decorations, since the number of building blocks in the game is huge, and everything else is limited only by your imagination.

In today’s guide, we’ll give you a starting point by showing you how to build a beautiful and practical Brewing Room.

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You should start by creating the outlines of the room. You can do this with any blocks and replace them later. We advise you to make the room round and in size ten by ten blocks.

Dark wood and boards should be used as the main material for creating walls, floors, and ceilings, and brown carpets can be used to decorate all this.

Next, place chests with consumables and ready-made potions on the side walls. For convenience, put a frame on each chest with the item that is there.

In the center of the room, create a kind of table on which you place 3 to 6 Brewing Stands. Also, put a workbench, and a couple of caldrons with water, so that it all becomes like a workplace.

Light up the room with a couple of torches or lanterns, but still, try to keep the atmosphere dark.

After that, place more decorative blocks and decorations in the room to give the place an atmosphere. Skulls, bookshelves, an ender chest, or creepers hanging from the ceiling are suitable.

In the end, you need to fill the chests with the necessary resources, after which you can start brewing potions.

Don’t strive to replicate what you saw and read in our guide. We suggested how to build a room, but you make a unique place in which you will feel comfortable.

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How to Build a Brewing Room In Minecraft – Design Guide


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