Best Survival Island Seeds in Minecraft

Minecraft island seeds

The sheer randomness of the world generation is one of the main reasons Minecraft is so fun to play. You can find majestic mountains soaring up into the sky at one place and deep oceans leading into claustrophobic water caves at another location.

The world generation depends on the world seed used while creating that world. By default, Minecraft uses a random seed, but you can also specify the seed and generate a world with the features you want, such as snowy mountains, villages, or islands.

In this article, we have listed some survival island seeds. Players can use these seeds to spawn stranded on an abandoned island.

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Minecraft Survival Island Seeds

1) Forested island surrounded by rivers

Island seed
Image by Reddit user u/ Unable_Toucan
  • Seed: 8943386726558836334

Players can find a forested island covered with birch trees and dark oak trees in this seed. The island is located at X: 320 Z: 320.

It is pretty close to the spawn point, set to X: 16 Z: 16. With the abundance of trees, players can build a beautiful shack on the island.

2) Woodland mansion survival island

Mansion island
Image by Reddit user u/Jereaux
  • Seed: 537038472756535436

In this seed, players spawn on a desert island in the middle of an ocean. Java players will find a woodland mansion right next to the island. As for Bedrock players, they will only find two islands. Both islands have limited resources, so players will have to scavenge through nearby shipwrecks for loot.

3) Village survival island

  • Seed: 1581799
Image by Reddit user u/Sphagne

This seed spawns Java players on a beautiful and peaceful island harboring a village. There are also lots of shipwrecks and other structures near the island. The village provides plenty of haybales for crafting bread. Bedrock players will have a more realistic survival experience on this seed as there is no village but lots of buried treasure chests.

4) Old growth taiga island

  • Seed: 3785126384907946693
Image by Reddit user u/onlythisdude

This seed’s spawn location is set on an island with tall taiga trees. Below this island, players can find large and beautiful lush cave biomes. If players fail to find useful resources on the taiga island, they can travel to the nearby mainland for resources.

If you have interesting island seeds, feel free to share them in the comments!

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Best Survival Island Seeds in Minecraft


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