How to Breed Rare Mammott in My Singing Monsters

How to Breed Rare Mammott in My Singing Monsters

The fans of My Singing Monsters want to know all the possible ways to breed Rare Mammontt in the game. The monsters will help you in reaching your aim!

So, your task will be to make a pair combining three-element monsters. But this is possible only in case they have the Cold Element. Otherwise, it will not work out.

So, are you interested in getting the Rare Mammontt? Great! We have prepared a detailed guide covering how this can be done. Keep reading, not to miss a thing!

Breeding Rare Mammott in My Singing Monsters

To complete the mission successfully, your task is to combine monsters on islands where both can be located:

  • T-Rox 
  • Clamble     
  • Bowgart     
  • Congle     
  • PomPom     
  • Thumpies 
  • Woolabee 
  • Wynq 
  • Sooza 
  • Spytrap     
  • Fiddlement     
  • Ziggurab     
  • Cantorell     
  • Clavi Gnat 

Moreover, one can also breed a Rare Mammontt on Shugabush Island using a regular Mammott and Shugabush. Still, perhaps it will be less challenging to breed one more Rare Mammott on some other island and teleport it to Shugabush Island. At first, you will need to feed it till Level fifteen. 

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Another option is to purchase the Rere Mammont in the StarShop. You will need to pay twice the amount of Starpower.

So, we highly recommend using the following breeding combinations on their respective Magical Islands. Less time needs to be spent on breeding than the regular Triple Element Fire monsters.

  • Spytrap Portrait.png + Spytrap and Fiddlement Light


  • Cantorell Portrait.png + Cantorell and Clavi Gnat Faerie Island

This is how you can breed Rare Mammontt in My Singing Monsters. Have fun!

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How to Breed Rare Mammott in My Singing Monsters


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