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How to Breed Chickens in Minecraft

How to Breed Chickens in Minecraft

Chicken in Minecraft is an essential animal, without which no large farm can do. Birds occupy an important place in Minecraft’s animal system: they provide meat, eggs, and feathers.

It is not difficult to find chickens in the game: like sheep and cows, they appear on the ground block with illumination above 9. Usually, birds are found in groups of 2-4 pieces.

Minecraft Chickens Breeding Guide

Use wheat, watermelon, pumpkin, or beetroot seeds to lure chickens to your farm. The birds will follow the player if he holds food. Having driven the birds to your site, feed a couple of individuals. Hearts will appear over the chickens, and a chicken will soon be born.

Chickens lay eggs at intervals of 5-10 minutes, from which chicks hatch. To make a chicken appear from the egg, take the egg in your hands and break it by pressing RMB. Usually, for one new bird, 5 to 8 eggs have to be cracked.

Like the children of other animals, chicks grow into mature chickens in 15-20 minutes. If you feed the chicks with seeds, the maturation time will be reduced by 10%.

Why You Should Breed Chickens

After death, an adult bird drops up to two feathers and one piece of raw chicken. If the birds die from the fire, you will get ready-made meat immediately. A fried fillet satisfies three units of hunger, while a raw fillet satisfies only one.

Feathers are useful for crafting arrows, books, and stars for fireworks.

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How to Breed Chickens in Minecraft


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