cats lined up in minecraft

Cats in Minecraft may not seem like they do much besides being cute, but they have a secret weapon few know about. Breeding them will utilize that said power to the absolute maximum. Cats come in a variety of colors, and their meow call can usually make them be heard before being seen. They will be found roaming around villages, so to get one, you’ll need to head to a settlement first.

How To Tame Cats

Before you make kittens, you will need to tame at least two cats. To do that, feed them either salmon or cod. The fish can be either raw or cooked.

NOTE: Be careful when farming fish, as drowned zombies may be waiting under the surface ready to throw a trident at you.

Cats can take a few tries to tame, so be sure to bring plenty of fish. They are more apt to run away than wolves, so move very slowly with the fish out to entice them to you. In fact, try not to move at all, since moves that are too sudden will make the cat dart away. When you see one, simply wait in place for them to approach you until the option to tame is visible. This can be tricky, but it is definitely worth it.

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How To Breed Cats

Once you have two tamed cats, put them side by side and feed them each a fish. They will spawn a kitten that will look like one of the parents. A cat’s secret power is that creepers, the green monsters who self-destruct, are terrified of them. Therefore, felines are the ultimate secret to keep your structures from being destroyed. Now you know how to breed lots of cats to protect your village.

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