How to Break Shields Quickly in Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy is the newest title in the Anime-RPG genre. Right from its launch, Tower of Fantasy has seen an influx of over three million players. This goes on to show the sheer number of gamers awaiting its release. Tower of Fantasy is a sci-fi game where many enemies have shields. This guide will tell you how to break shields quickly in Tower of Fantasy.

Guide to Breaking Shields in Tower of Fantasy

At first, players will first face simpleton enemies that are pretty easy to defeat. But after making a little progress, players will find themselves fighting powerful groups of enemies protected by layers of shields.

Even though the enemies have shields, players can still damage them. However, it is ideal for breaking an enemy shield quickly as it provides 50% protection against all damage. In Tower of Fantasy, players face two types of shields on enemies: Physical and Elementless.

Compared to Elementless, Physical shields are stronger and more durable. They have high resistance to physical attacks. On the other hand, Elementless shields reduce damage from elemental attacks. Players The best way to break these shields is to use elemental weapons with fast attacks and high shatter stat.

How Shatter breaks Shield in Tower of Fantasy

Every weapon in Tower of Fantasy has two stats: Shatter and Charge. The higher the shatter value, the easier it is to break enemy shields. Players can carry and switch between three different weapons in the game. Using at least one weapon with high shatter value is recommended, such as Scythe of the Crow(SSR), Thunderous Halberd(SR), etc.

Sometimes, enemies will have an elemental shield giving complete resistance to a specific element. Against such enemies, players will have to use weapons with different elements to break shields.

If you still have doubts about shield breaking in Tower of Fantasy, feel free to ask them in the comments, and we will get back to you quickly!

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How to Break Shields Quickly in Tower of Fantasy


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