​​How to Break Owls in Royal Match – Guide

​​How to Break Owls in Royal Match - Guide

Playing Royal Match, you can face various challenging levels. Limited turns, complex requirements, and lack of space for playing the game might create significant problems even for experienced Royal Match players. In this guide, you will learn how to Break Owls in Royal Match.

What are Owls in Royal Match?

Owl Statues, also called in Royal Match as Owls, are the last state of Stone. They were added to the game in August 2022 and are still available. And some players still don’t know what the Owls are in Royal Match

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As a result, they start looking for a particular solution on the internet when they see Owls while completing missions. Just continue reading the guide, and you will find this solution.

How to Destroy Owls in Royal Match?

Even though some players consider Owls can be broken by making matches next to them, it works differently. Like the stone in Royal Match, Owls resist ordinary moves. You cannot destroy them even if you hit them ten times in a row.

The only way to destroy Owls is to use power-ups. But here everything is way more challenging than it might seem. If you try to break Owls with Propeller or Light Ball, you will always lack moves for completing the level.

Therefore, a better option is to hit Owls using Rockets or TNTs. They can boast good area damage and can hit multiple Owls at once. And if you combine a Rocket with TNT, you will get a massive explosion that will significantly clear the game’s field.

That’s it with breaking Owls in Royal Match. Some players consider completing Owls level impossible without extra boosters, but we can surely say that the reality is the opposite. If you combine a good strategy and a dose of lack, you complete Owls levels without additional power-ups. Also, we have a list of the best games like BitLife, make sure to check it out!

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​​How to Break Owls in Royal Match – Guide


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