How to Bloom Different Colored Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom


By now, you’ve probably seen big sprouts around the world while playing Pikmin Bloom. You can get them to bloom into big, beautiful flowers if you plant enough of your own smaller flowers around it, but did you also know you can change the colors of them? Today, we’ll show you how to bloom different colored Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom!

How to Bloom Different Colored Big Flowers

Tap on a budding Big Flower whenever you’re out and about in the world to get more info on it. The game will tell you approximately how many flowers the Big Flower needs to sprout—a fresh sprout will need about 300 flowers to bloom.

To start growing a Big Flower, simply activate flower planting mode and then walk near the Big Flower. As long as you see your Mii inside the Big Flower’s radius, as indicated by the blue circle, your flowers will count towards its progress. Once enough flowers are planted nearby, the Big Flower will bloom!

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The color the Big Flower ends up as is determined directly by the type of flowers nearby. For example, if you use nothing but Red Petals for flowers, then the Big Flower will become a Big Red Flower. Use different colored Petals to grow the Big Flower into your desired color! When a Big Flower is nearing the required amount of flowers, you can tap on it, and it’ll tell you what it’s going to be.

It’s a different story if you’re trying to go for Big White Flowers, however. If you plant mostly White Petals but also include a small amount of the other colors, then the game will randomize a color. You can tell if this is about to happen if the Big Flower’s info says that it will be a ??? Flower.

That’s how you grow different colored Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom. If you have any other tips or tricks to share, let us know in the comments below!

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How to Bloom Different Colored Big Flowers in Pikmin Bloom


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