The Goddess of love and beauty, Aphrodite, is one of the Olympians in the roguelike action role-playing game Hades. You can befriend her to get some of the best, if not the best, Boons in the game. Aphrodite’s Boons, which some may call Blessings, give players a ton of additive damage boost while lowering the damage they receive.

Since Hades is a punishing game, many players look to befriend Aphrodite as early as possible and receive her Blessings. But the question they usually get hit with is: how to befriend and receive Blessings from Aphrodite in Hades?

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How to befriend Aphrodite in Hades

In Hades, Aphrodite has seven hearts affinity gauge. And thus, to befriend her, you must gift her six Nectar and one Ambrosia. When you give Aphrodite one Nectar, she will provide you with her Keepsake item, Eternal Rose. 

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After that, you can keep giving her the said items to increase your affinity. Apart from these, being the Goddess of love and beauty, you can further improve your friendship with Aphrodite by increasing your relationship status with the three romanceable characters—Meg, Dusa, and Thanatos.

Maxing out your relationship status with the three said characters would help you befriend Aphrodite in Hades.

How to receive Blessings from Aphrodite in Hades

You can receive Blessings from Aphrodite in Hades by simply progressing the game and selecting her Boons when they appear. It has the appearance of an Orb with a heart.

Apart from that, you can gain her favor by increasing your relationship bond with Meg, Dusa, and Thanatos. With each bond you form with said characters, you unlock a new dialogue with Aphrodite. And once you have formed the fourth bond, you will get access to the dialogue option that lets you get Aphrodite’s Favors. 

All Aphrodite Boons/Blessings in Hades

Here is the list of Boons that you can get from Aphrodite in Hades:

BoonsBoon description

Heartbreak Strike
Your Attack deals more damage and inflicts Weak.

Heartbreak Flourish
Your Special deals more damage and inflicts Weak.

Crush Shot
Your Cast is a comprehensive, short-range blast that inflicts Weak.

Passion Flare
Your Cast damages foes around you and inflicts Weak.

Passion Dash
Your Dash inflicts damage where you end up, inflicting Weak.

Aphrodite’s Aid
Your Call fires a seeking projectile that inflicts Charm. Total Gauge Bonus: 2500 damage.

Dying Lament
When foes are slain, they damage nearby enemies and inflict Weak.

Wave of Despair
After you take damage, damage nearby foes and inflict Weak.

Different League
Resist some damage from nearby foes’ attacks.

Life Affirmation
Any chamber rewards are worth more.

Empty Inside
Your Weak effects have a longer duration.

Sweet Surrender
Weak-afflicted foes are also more susceptible to damage.

Broken Resolve
Your Weak effects are more potent.

Blown Kiss
Your Cast shoots farther and is more robust against undamaged foes.

Unhealthy Fixation
Your Weak effects also have a 15% chance to Charm foes. Charm Duration: 4 seconds.

Curse of Longing
Your Doom effects continuously strike Weak foes. Successive Hit Damage: 50%.

Heart Rend
Your Critical effects deal even more damage to Weak foes. Bonus Critical Damage vs. Weak: +150%.

Parting Shot
Your Cast gains any bonuses you have for striking foes from behind. Bonus Backstab Damage: +35%.

Cold Embrace
Your Cast crystal fires its beam directly at you for +4 seconds. Bonus Cast Damage: +30%.

Low Tolerance
Your Hangover effects stack even more times against Weak foes. Bonus Hangover Stacks: 3.

Sweet Nectar
Any Poms of Power you find you are more effective. Bonus Lv. from Poms: +1.

Smoldering Air
Your Call charges up automatically but is capped at 25%. Auto Gauge Gain: 1% every .2 seconds.

That concludes our guide on how to befriend and receive Blessings from Aphrodite in Hades.

Hades is available on macOS, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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How to Befriend and Receive Blessings from Aphrodite in Hades


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