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Top 5 Mods For Hades And How To Install Them

Top 5 Mods For Hades And How To Install Them

When talking about indie games, Hades is one of the last decade’s most famous and celebrated titles. Hades is a fast-paced action roguelike set in the realm of Hell. You get to play as the Zagreus, the immortal Prince of the Underworld and try to escape from Hell in order to get to Olympus. Like many other games, the modding community has also done a great job with Hades. Players can install mods for Hades and make this dungeon crawler a lot more fun.

Best Mods for Hades

1) Codex Menu

Codex Menu

Codex Menu is the best cheat mod available for Hades. It adds a cheat menu to the Codex of the Underworld. Like the original Codex, you can still use it to get information on every existence of the Underworld. This mod lets you use Codex to spawn enemies, boons, and artifacts anytime and anywhere in the game. You can also choose between rarity and get valuable items instantly.

2) Zagreus The Angler

Zagreus The Angler

Beasts like Cereberus are expected in the Underworld, but not aquatic life when it is the literal Hell. Weirdly enough, the Underworld has various types of fishes categorized as River Denizens. Sadly, the chances of spawning fishing locations aren’t too high, and many players end up skipping them. With Zagreus The Angler, you can improve the fishing mechanics in Hades. It increases the spawn rate of fishing pools in all chambers.

3) Ello’s Starting Boon Selector

Ello's Starting Boon Selector

Boons are an essential factor in deciding how your run is going to be in Hades. With this mod, you can select the starting boon of your choice instead of a randomized boon. All god boons and Daedalus Hammer can be obtained with this Hades mod.

4) Generous Wretched Broker

Generous Wretched Broker

You can purchase a variety of different items from Wretched Broker in Hades. However, collecting gemstones to buy all available items takes quite a bit of time. Using Generous Wretched Broker mod, you can lower the prices to zero and get everything for free.

5) Mirror of Night Extended

Mirror of Night Extended

While playing Hades, you will obtain Darkness, used for purchasing talents from Mirror of Night. This mod improves the Mirror of Night by adding more ranks to all talents and making them much cheaper. You can easily obtain perks in Hades with the Mirror of Night Extended mod.

How to Install Mods for Hades

In order to run most mods on Hades, you will need Python installed on your PC and two utility mods – Mod Importer and Mod Utility. We recommend watching the above video for a step-by-step guide on installing Hades mods.

The installation process may vary for different mods. Players should always check the mod description for additional steps for installing the mod. Also, make sure you have a backup, as mod installation requires making changes to game files. If you have any queries regarding mods for Hades, feel free to ask in the comments!

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Top 5 Mods For Hades And How To Install Them


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