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How to Befriend Dionysus in Hades – Guide

How to Befriend Dionysus in Hades – Guide

After its launch in 2020, Hades didn’t take long to captivate a lot of players with its roguelike gameplay that combines Greek mythology, character development, and a captivating narrative. The game also has a talented voice cast, which is a pleasant addition that helped paved the way for a sequel.

Many battles in Hades will take place in the land of the dead, and oftentimes you won’t be able to battle the monstrosities alone. More often then not, you’ll need someone to watch your back. Fortunately, you can call on Dionysus to save you, as he has some deadly attacks that can inflict decent damage on enemies. So in this article, we’ll be showing you how to befriend Dionysus in Hades.

How to Befriend Dionysus in Hades – Guide

Before you can have Dionysus in your corner, you’ll have to show him some love first. However, Dionysus is also one of the easiest Olympian gods you can befriend in the game, and he appreciates seeing you show similar love to other deities.


You can increase your attraction with Dionysus by simply speaking to him and accepting his boons during your runs, but that’s not enough. To increase and max out your relationship with Dionysus, you’ll have to give Ambrosia to other characters.

At least a total of ten Ambrosia should be enough for six different characters, and although Ambrosia isn’t the best resource to get, you can always farm it to speed up the process. You should also ensure that the god of wine is among the characters receiving your Ambrosia.

After handing out your tenth Ambrosia, go back out for another run. When you next speak to Dionysus, he’ll compliment you on how you’re giving out the precious liquid, which will increase his heart level to seven, which is the max it can reach.

And if you’re having trouble encountering Dionysus, the best way to do that is by equipping his Keepsake (Overflowing Cup) on your run, and you can get that by gifting him Nectar.

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How to Befriend Dionysus in Hades – Guide


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