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How to Become a Vizard in Soul Reaper 2

How to Become a Vizard in Soul Reaper 2

Transforming into a new race is one of the most exciting things you can do in Roblox Soul Reaper 2. Even though the process might appear boring at times, it always leads to a new game experience, which encourages you to play the game more. This guide will teach you how to become a Vizard in Soul Reaper 2.

Becoming a Vizard in Soul Reaper 2

If you want to become a Vizard in Roblox Soul Reaper 2, you should get a Vizard mask – a unique equipable item that can be used to become a wizard. The mask is white and has red stripes. Also, it features a horn growing from the forehead. Be sure you saw this mask while playing the game.

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How to Get Vizard Mask in Soul Reaper 2

If you want to get a Vizard Mask, you need to reach Level 20 and be Exiled. It is a straightforward requirement that can be completed within a few days of playing Soul Reaper 2. 

After that, you need to start a Boss Raid, which features multiple rewards, including the Vizard mask used to transform your character into a Vizard. 

The main disadvantage of getting Vizard Mask is random dropping rates. You are not guaranteed to get Vizard Mask through the Boss Raid even if you do ten tries, which is one of the main reasons most players refuse to become Vizard.

Also, you will lose all the Soul Reaper clothes and Kido Skills in the Vizard form. But it is a minor disadvantage that doesn’t significantly impact the gameplay. You will get Hollow Skills instead of Kido.

That’s it with becoming a Vizard in Roblox Soul Reaper 2. As you can see, you only need to get a Vizard Mask to transform into the new extension race to your Soul Reaper. Also, we have a guide on how to get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2, make sure to check it out!

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How to Become a Vizard in Soul Reaper 2


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