How to Get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2 – Roblox guide


If you want to update the skill tree in Roblox Reaper 2, you should get Soul Nodes. They are special skill points used to empower your character significantly. Even though they are accessible, some players still suffer to get Soul Nodes. And this guide will teach you how to get Soul Nodes in Roblox Reaper 2.

How to Unlock Soul Nodes in Roblox Reaper 2

If you want to get Soul Nodes, you need to get Level 10 and finish the battle against Zanpakuto. He is the replica version of your Zanpakuto, and that’s why you might face some difficulties. At the same time, the requirements for unlocking Soul Nodes are straightforward. Be sure you can meet them even during the first day of playing the game.

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How to Obtain Soul Nodes in Roblox Reaper 2

Once you meet the requirements, find the open space and press P on the keyboard. Your character will start meditating, and you will be provided with three options to choose from. Select the last one to start fighting your Zanpakuto. The fight will last less than a few minutes, but you will receive two Soul Nodes as a reward. 

If you want to farm Soul Nodes, you must fight as much as possible. There is only one limitation – a 30-minute cooldown between each fight. So, if you want to get tons of Soul Nodes, you should be ready to spend time in the game. Also, consider that your enemy will become more potent with every fight. You need to constantly train your skills if you want to get Soul Nodes effectively.

That’s it with getting Soul Nodes in Roblox Reaper 2. As you can see, avoiding spending a lot of time in the game is impossible if you want to get Soul Nodes in Roblox Reaper 2. Also, we have a guide on how to reroll your race in Reaper 2, make sure to check it out.

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How to Get Soul Nodes in Reaper 2 – Roblox guide


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