Reaper 2: How to Reroll Your Race


In Reaper 2, players will create a character and fight monsters in a universe based on the anime and manga series, Bleach. There are four playable races, but you don’t get to choose which one your character starts out with. Today, we’ll explain everything in our Reaper 2: How to reroll your race guide.

Rerolling your race in Reaper 2

When you create your character in Reaper 2, they’ll automatically be assigned a random race. You can’t delete your character either, so you can’t trick the system by deleting and recreating your character for a free reroll.

The main way to reroll your character is to pay in-game currency. Visit the nearest motel and look for an NPC named F33NY. You start the game near South Karakura, and there’s a motel nearby, if you want to start searching around there.

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F33NY will offer to reroll your race for $5,000. This is sort of a steep price, but just fight monsters and complete quests, and you’ll earn money at a decent rate.

When you’re ready to reroll your race, talk to F33NY and accept the process. If you don’t get the race you wanted, you’ll unfortunately have to grind some more and try again.

Alternatively, you can pay 250 Robux to reroll your race from the shop. Be warned that this method completely resets your character’s data, meaning you will start from scratch if you reroll this way!

What are the races in Reaper 2?

There are four playable races in Reaper 2: Soul Reapers, Quincys, Hollows, and Fullbringers.

Soul Reapers are the most popular race, as they can wield powerful Zanpakutō, and later Shikai and Bankai. Most of the main characters from Bleach are this race, hence its popularity.

Quincys are skilled with the bow, making them excellent long-range fighters. Eventually, they can also learn how to wield swords, giving them lots of versatility.

Hollows are the monsters that players fight around the world, but you can join their ranks and utilize their demonic powers. Hollows require a lot of effort to work, but they have lots of different forms with unique abilities.

Fullbringers are fist fighters who prefer to get up close and personal. Their powers are centered around utilizing their Reiatsu, and they can rush their opponents with lightning speed.

That concludes our Reaper 2 guide on how to reroll your race. If you have any other questions or tips, let us know in the comments below!

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Reaper 2: How to Reroll Your Race


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