How to Become a Rapper in BitLife

BitLife is a life simulator and of course, we can’t avoid different crossing of this game with real life. Our current topic is closely related to musical preferences. Which music do you prefer? Something like jazz, rock, classic, or maybe you have a passion for rhymes and rhythmic beats? If the last statement is about you, then this guide may be interesting for you. There is plenty of different opportunities in BitLife and if you want to record a rap album and become a rapper, the game has such options. Just read this article and you will learn how to make your dreams come true.

How to Become a Rapper

Being a rapper in BitLife is not a job but a lifestyle. There is no specific dedicated job to be a rapper. Just an opportunity to record a rap album. Few steps will bring you to the point where you record your rap album. Just follow them.

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The first thing that you will need is to reach the age of 6. At this age, you will get some possible activities connected with music. You will need to open the body and mind tab and start to learn how to play any musical instrument. The option with instruments is easy to find. You should take the voice lessons and some instrument lessons. Which instrument it will be doesn’t matter. Practice every year and work hard until you finish high school. At the age of 18, you will become great with both singing and playing music.

When you will grow up and become skilled, you should look for record labels. There you will be able to record your rap album. Continue to seek a label that will help you with the record or if they always reject your talent, you can just restart the game and try again.

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