Ever wanted to become a professional basketball player, but you could never really shoot hoops well enough? BitLife gives you the opportunity of a lifetime: become a true basketball player in the game! Being a professional athlete comes with a lot of bonuses, with fame and money being the most notable. Whatever your motivations are, we’ll show you how to become a pro basketball player in BitLife!

How to Become a Pro Basketball Player

To become a professional basketball player, you’ll need to take it one step at a time. Start a new character and live your life normally, making sure to do well in school and to be nice to your family. You’re going to need their help through all of this, so it’s beneficial to be on their good side.

As you advance years and reach your pre-teens, you’ll unlock the ability to start exercising on your own. Every year, you should go on walks, go to the gym and workout, and also pick up a martial art. Martial arts classes cost money, but if you’ve been good to your parents, they’ll cover it for you. All of this is for increasing your hidden athleticism attribute.

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Advance a couple more years, and you’ll find yourself in high school. As soon as you’re there, try out for the basketball team. At this point, the game will reveal your athleticism attribute, so you can see your odds of getting on the team. It should be high from all the training you did, but sometimes you’ll just be unlucky and end up with really low athleticism.

With any luck, you’ll make it onto the team. If you don’t make the cut, don’t sweat it—you can simply force quit the app and try again. Just keep in mind that if your athleticism isn’t at least 50%, we recommend restarting your character and trying again from scratch.

Now that you’re on the team, make sure to manually practice harder from your school activities list. You’ll need to practice every day, and make sure that you’re still working out and going for walks. You should start winning away games, and your skills will be noticed by the higher-ups, which should get you drafted onto a professional team by the time you leave high school.

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Don’t worry if you’re not drafted when you’re out of high school, just move onto college and join a college team. You should even be able to get a head start with a full athletic scholarship if you did well on your high school team. You’ll go through the same process again, so just keep on practicing and keeping your personal attributes up to get noticed. When you graduate from college, you should be approached with a pro draft if you did everything right!

And voilà—you’re now a professional basketball player! You’ll need to manage multiple attributes related to basketball, so make sure to do that to increase your chances of winning championship games. If you’ve got any other tips or tricks for becoming a professional basketball player in BitLife, let us know in the comments below!

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