BitLife is the new, trendy life simulator where you can live the life of your dreams but on a 5-inch screen. The choice-based simulator can be fun. You can become a moral citizen, a party animal, a deadbeat, or whatever you want.

If you have played BitLife, you might have come across some career choices and ways to make money. Some professions like a doctor or business analyst pay a decent amount. But becoming a billionaire is a tricky process.

BitLife: A Brief Guide on How to Become a Billionaire

To become a billionaire in BitLife, you cannot rely on just any job. You need to choose a glamorous career and invest smartly.

Becoming an actor is a lucrative option. This way, you can make money off of movies, advertisements, social media, and more.

Invest in real estate. Once you make enough money through acting, start buying different kinds of properties. This way, you can live in luxury after you retire.

1) Career as an Actor

First things first, you need to get a character that is high on looks. This makes your acting career a bit easier. Now, you might want to maintain these looks by hitting the gym, treating yourself to the spa, and do all the stuff in ‘mind and body’.

Then, finish high school and try to find a job as a Voiceover Actor. If this option does not show up immediately, age a year. Try to get this job as soon as possible.

Once you are a Voiceover Actor, work hard once or twice a year. You will be promoted to Actor and then eventually, Lead Actor. At this point, you should quit the current company and seek a new job to get higher pay.

After the fame bar appears, you will want to work towards maintaining it. You can do so by posting on social media. If your fame bar is above 90, you start getting commercials.

Make sure you maintain your looks at 90+. You can opt for botox as you age.

2) Investing in Real Estate

When you accumulate over 30,000,000 in the bank, start purchasing properties. As you make more money, you might want to buy costlier properties.

For the upkeep of the estate, you will have to pay some amount for maintenance. Sometimes, this upkeep might surpass your income. But try hard to maintain all the properties by doing gigs.

Keep doing this until you reach the one billion net worth.

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How to Become a Billionaire in BitLife


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