How to Beat Way of the Ninja in Battle Cats


Battle Cats is an interesting strategy game for mobile devices in which you will be able to summon different cat units to fight against your opponents. In order to beat your enemies, you will have to destroy their base, and there are some levels that are problematic to complete. It seems that the Way of the Ninja stage is a difficult level to complete for some players. So, this guide is going to tell you how to beat the Way of the Ninja stage in Battle Cats.

How to Complete Way of the Ninja in Battle Cats

One of the most difficult levels in Battle Cats for new players is known as Way of the Ninja. You will encounter some tough opponents, and if you want to defeat them, you will need to follow a certain strategy.

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The Way of the Ninja (Insane) stage in Battle Cats is the second level of the Ninja Awakens! chapter. Also, there is another stage that is called Way of the Ninja (Veteran). However, these two levels are different. In the Veteran stage, you will encounter the following units:

  • Doge
  • Flying Ninja Cat

In order to beat the Way of the Ninja (Veteran) stage, you will need to use these units:

  • Dragon Cat
  • Any anti-flying units (like Sadako Cat, Necro-Dancer Cat, or Angry Delinquent Cat)

The Way of the Ninja (Insane) is a harder stage that requires you to bring a powerful roster of units. Here is the list of cat units that we recommend you use in this stage:

  • Crazed Macho Cat
  • Crazed Wall Cat
  • Crazed Bahamut Cat
  • Ururun Cat   
  • King Dragon Cat
  • Dark Emperor Catdam

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How to Beat Way of the Ninja in Battle Cats


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