How to Defeat Rongorongo’s Moai Statue in Battle Cats


Battle Cats is a popular strategy game where you need to command an army of cat units. The game provides you with a base that you need to protect from the waves of your enemies. In order to beat them, you will need to destroy their base, and the game has a few different types of bases that you can encounter. One of these is called Moai Statue and you will face it in different stages. This guide will tell you how to beat Moai Statue on the Rongorongo stage in Battle Cats.

How to Beat Rongorongo’s Moai Statue in Battle Cats

Moai Statue is a difficult base to defeat in Battle Cats. It seems that there are some players who don’t understand how to beat Moai Statue on the Rongorongo stage, so today we are going to help them.

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The Rongorongo stage is the final mission of the Spring, Sprang, Sprung chapter. There, you will encounter Moai Statue that is able to spawn the following monsters:

  • Doge Dark (Black)
  • Shadow Boxer K (Black)
  • Easter Duche (Event Enemy)
  • Easter Bunny (Event Enemy)

In order to beat the Rongorongo stage, you will need to use a few cat units. Here is the list of cat units that we recommend you use in this stage:

  • Mohawk Cat
  • Eraser Cat
  • Macho Leg Cat
  • Dragon Cat
  • Valkyrie Cat
  • Bahamut Cat

These units are great and you should add any cat unit that is able to hit opponents from a decent range to this roster. After that, you will be able to push your opponents back and destroy Moai Statue on the Rongorongo stage.

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How to Defeat Rongorongo’s Moai Statue in Battle Cats


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