How to Beat Voltgar in Coromon – Guide, Tips, Tricks

How to Beat Voltgar in Coromon - Guide, Tips, Tricks

Interested in taking the role of a new Researcher whose task is to study Titans and collect their essence? Then the game Coromon is just for you! There are plenty of challenging opponents you will have to face in this game, and after you succeed, you will get the possibility to collect their essence.

The first titan you will face is Voltgar. This guide will fully cover how to defeat this foe and provide you with additional tricks and tips as well.

Beating Voltgar in Coromon – Guide, Tips, Tricks

You will meet this titan when you reach the twenty-fifth level and more than 400 hit points. He possesses five moves and a large stamina pool. The titan is weak to Sand and Cut attacks. Thus, it is recommended to have Coromon in your party with these attack types. Electric does half damage to Sand and Electric-type Coromon.

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This titan has two phases, the second triggering as soon as you reduce it to half health. This way, you will remove any status condition and set to action Voltgar’s passive trait, Pure Essence. It will lead to your character’s moves to use an additional two stamina points.

We also recommend bringing many healing items and Ground Cakes to cure shock. Voltgar can still knock out your Coromon as the titan can resist attacks.

Moreover, it possesses a move that can inflict shock on many of your Coromon, even if they are not currently in battle.

Now you know the correct approach to beating Voltgar in Coromon. And a quick tip: to have some survivability against Voltgar, it’s a good idea to get your Coromon to level 20 or higher. Keep reading our guides to be in the loop! Have fun and enjoy playing!

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How to Beat Voltgar in Coromon – Guide, Tips, Tricks


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