How to Beat the Burning Brute in AFK Arena

How to Beat the Burning Brute in AFK Arena

AFK Arena is an exciting RPG set in a beautiful fantasy world. Players need to collect different heroes that have different roles, stats, skills, and backstories. Also, various events constantly appear in the game, and in this guide, we will tell you how to defeat the boss in the Winter Bounties Event 

How to Beat the Burning Brute

Burning Brute is a special monster that spawns anew every day. Players must defeat him, or simply deal as much damage as possible, to earn an event currency called Astrobells. Later it can be exchanged for cool rewards in the event store. So, Burning Brute can attack with three different skills:

  • The first skill is called Doze and it can create enough problems. When you deal enough damage to Burning Brute and his health drops below 80 or 50%, he will fall asleep for 5 seconds. The problem is that if you attack him hard enough at this point, he will wake up and deal massive damage.
  • The second skill Flame Breath allows him to attack your team with fire. In addition, he will hit the ground with this skill as soon as he wakes up after Doze.
  • And his last skill is Blaze Barrier. It activates at the beginning of the battle, reducing damage taken. The skill is active while Burning Brute does not use Doze.

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Based on this, you need to deal damage so that Burning Brute would deactivate the third skill and then carefully wait out the 5 second period of his sleep. And finally, start inflicting as much damage on him as possible. The best team for this would be:

  • Rosaline
  • Estrilda
  • Rowan
  • Baden
  • Elijah & Lailah

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How to Beat the Burning Brute in AFK Arena


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