AFK Arena Thesku Guide: Skills, Signature Items, Heroes, and More

AFK Arena Thesku Guide: Skills, Signature Items, Heroes, and More

Thesku is an attacking hero from the Mauler faction. He appeared in the game at the end of November 2021. He has control skills and high damage, unlike other characters in the faction. Since he is a universal hero, it may be hard to understand how to play him. In this guide, we will tell you how to do it correctly.

Thesku Skills in AFK Arena

Thesku received the following set of skills:

Ancient Terror

Thesku starts playing the bone flute and deals 240% damage to all enemies. If 3 or more snake marks were imposed on the enemy, then he will be turned into stone. In this state, the character is unable to perform any actions and restore energy.

  • Level 2: after the petrification effect is removed, the enemy will lose 40 dodge points for 5 seconds.
  • Level 3: Damage increases to 300% of Thesku’s attack rate.


Thesku in AFK Arena gives the order to his snake Zilsu. She bites the enemy, poisons him, and deals 220% damage. A poisoned enemy cannot regenerate energy and is only able to use normal attacks for 4 seconds. During this entire period, all damage dealt will be converted to health for the target he is attacking.

  • Level 2: Damage increases to 240%.
  • Level 3: The target is poisoned for 5 seconds.
  • Level 4: Damage increases to 260%.

Serpent’s Mark

Thesku’s attacks and abilities apply a snake mark on the enemy for 8 seconds. Every second, the enemy will take damage equal to 30% of Thesku’s attack. He cannot die from this damage. If 5 marks are imposed on the enemy, a poisonous explosion will occur, which will deal 260% damage from the hero’s attack. The target will also be stunned for 3 seconds.

  • Level 2: Damage increased to 280%.
  • Level 3: the duration of the marks increases to 12 seconds.

Cursed Flame

Snakes Zilsu and Szetzu attack opponents on the orders of Thesku. They breathe fire in a certain radius. Such an attack three times deals 160% of the hero’s attack level. The third attack applies Debuffs – removes 50 damage from the enemy. This effect has a duration of 6 seconds and does not stack.

  • Level 2: Enemies hit by the third attack will lose 70 hit points and 40 critical hit points and critical hit boost each.
  • Level 3: Damage increases to 180% of the hero’s attack level.

AFK Arena Thesku’s Signature Item

Thesku’s signature item is the Bone Flute, which emits a special, pitiful sound that subdues all creatures living on the earth.

Signature Item Skill: Serpent’s Guard

When Thesku loses 20% of his maximum health and successfully completes the use of the current skill, the snake applies a shield on him for 8 seconds, equal to 15% of the character’s maximum health.

  • 10 unlocks. Enemies who deal damage to the shield will receive a weakening: a decrease in accuracy by 70 units, as well as a decrease in the chance of crits. This effect lasts 6 seconds and cannot be stacked.
  • 20 unlocks. The level of the shield will be equal to 25% of the maximum health of the hero.
  • 30 unlocks. The enemy who dealt damage to the shield will receive a 20% reduction in attack and defense for 6 seconds. The effect does not stack.

Compatibility with Other Heroes

Thesku is capable of dealing a lot of damage and giving control at the same time. Therefore, he is a welcome guest on any team and goes well with the characters of the Mauler faction. And in other combinations, he is also able to show impressive results.

It should be located in the upper part of the second line. If the enemy can get to him, he will not live long. Therefore, first of all, you should search for one or two good heroes that can withstand a lot of damage.

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Numisu is a support hero, one of the few heroes who can heal his allies and increase their attack power. When passing a faction tower, it will be useful, as well as in the absence of other healers. His rejuvenating totems can restore health to allies, in addition to his primary ability. In the initial stages, the hero will be good support for Thesku.

One of his skills increases his attack speed by 20% and adds 40 units. acceleration. But it is worth taking into account that Numisu himself is weak, as well as his totems. They cannot withstand damage and rely entirely on their team.


Another character which should be placed in the first line. Brutus is immune to damage while on low health, and his Terrifying Roar increases physical damage taken against enemies by 50%. The character is able to survive and strengthen allies while remaining a shield for the team.

You need to place him opposite the strongest hero of the enemy if his tile is known in advance.


This hero is a slightly weaker analog of Brutus, but well suited for a team with Thesku. He not only provides control while on the first line but also reduces incoming damage to allies by 25% while increasing their attack by 20%. In Thesku’s case, this means that the poisoning will also do more damage, and the explosions will become much more powerful. When Skreg is astride his pet, he is immune to control, which is also useful.


A strong hero, the Mauler, which is capable of inflicting a huge amount of damage. It will serve as an excellent addition to Thesku when creating a versatile team that is effective in all conditions, both PvE and PvP. Roll is able to neutralize the damage from enemy critical hits, as well as increase the chance of crit for allies. His only drawback is the weak control. But Thesku will help him with this.

Roll can act as the main source of damage, and Thesku will help him control. But they can switch roles, depending on the leveling.

These are the best combination heroes for Thesku in AFK Arena and the end of our guide, tips, and cheat. Go and have fun!

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AFK Arena Thesku Guide: Skills, Signature Items, Heroes, and More


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