How to Beat the Broodmother in Wizard101

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Defeating bosses is one of the most exciting parts of Wizard101. Even though most of them appear a piece of cake, some bosses require you to useт powerful characters and a specific strategy. Read this guide, and you will find out how to beat the Broodmother in Wizard101.

How to Defeat the Broodmother in Wizard101

The foremost thing you should know before defeating the Broodmother is that this boss spawns powerful minions that can regenerate her many health points. And there are 2 strategies that you can use against these monsters. 

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The first and the more complex strategy is to ignore these small minions and then one-shot the Broodmother using a powerful magic attack. Even though it might sound pretty straightforward, it is way more challenging than it might seem. You should boast significant survivability and powerful gear to survive the multiple monsters and boss attacks.

The second strategy for fighting against Broodmother is to take down small minions before they heal the boss. Also, it would be best to kill a Royal Guard minion as it summons Yellow Jacket minions, who can restore 1,500 health points.

Tips for Beating the Broodmother

Once you know the 2 main strategies for fighting against Broodmother, it is time to discover some helpful advice that might help you beat the boss. Generally, you should take into account the Broodmother has significant protection against Fire Magic. Also, the Broodmother can use a powerful Weakness effect. Therefore, you should hold your enemies and not get significant debuffs from the first round.

That’s it with beating the Broodmother. Even though some people consider she is the most powerful boss in Wizard101, following the specific strategy, you can easily defeat the Broodmother without powerful equipment. And while you are here, make sure to check our guide on how to beat Sir Blackwater in Wizard101.

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How to Beat the Broodmother in Wizard101


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