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How to Beat Summoners War Without Spending Money

How to Beat Summoners War Without Spending Money

Summoners War is a great new RPG game for mobile powered devices, but one so complex and challenging that you will feel tempted on numerous occasions to spend real life money in order to progress and get better in the game.

However, we are here to share with you a set of tips and tricks on how to beat Summoners War without spending money and hopefully you will put them to good use.

We have already shared some top strategy guides for the game and adopting them will also help you cruise through the game without spending any of your hard earned cash.

You can check out the guide here. And now let’s get more in depth on how to win Summoners War without spending any real money!

Complete the daily missions

There are a ton of great rewards awaiting for you if you can complete the daily missions.

Although most of them will be completed naturally as you play the game, it doesn’t hurt to check out the requirements and focus on completing those rewarding you with Crystals, since that’s the premium currency and the most difficult to get.

For example, if you complete all the daily missions, you get 7 Crystals, while simply spending 20 energy gives you 3 Crystals.

Complete the regular missions & Achievements

For those, you don’t have any time requirements and you can work on them at your own pace, but many will reward you with huge amounts of Crystals.

Check them out and make it your goal to complete these as fast as possible. The sooner you get more Crystals and spend them on top monsters, the better your chances in the game.

Add friends

It is extremely important to add ACTIVE friends in Summoners War: Sky Arena. They will send you Social Points which can be used to summon monsters.

It’s the easiest way to get some extra monsters and at least use them for extra XP points for your existing ones. Make sure you constantly add new friends and remove those who are inactive and therefore useless.

Rival Battles all the way

Whenever you win a rival battle, you earn some Crystals. So make sure that you do so as often as possible!

Spend as much time as possible in the arena

Fighting in the arena against the enemies you can defeat is the best strategy to adopt early on and generally a great strategy for long term results. See what enemies have poorer level that that of your troops and start attacking.

Not only that you get points that you can use to purchase items, but if you are really good and rank high, you will earn a ton of Crystals.

The Magic shop is your friend

Always look at the products offered in the Magic Shop and buy the ones available for Mana, since that’s the easiest resource to get.

From there, you can buy monsters to use for upgrades, extra runes and also other goodies.

Only get what’s really useful – the Magic Shop refreshes pretty often and gives you new items.

Power-up Your Runes

Runes are extremely useful in the game. They don’t change the level of a character, but they can really boost its stats.

This means that people in the arena can’t know what Runes you are using and this can offer you a huge advantage in battles (not to mention the direct effect runes have on skills).

And since they are pretty cheap to upgrade, make sure you always load up your heroes with Runes and power them up as much as possible. Also, try to use the sets of runes for the added bonuses.

Cairos Dungeon has all the goodies

Once you unlock Cairos Dungeon, you already have a ton of bonuses available. Events are one particularly important thing that you will get there, so make sure you check them out too.

There are also events not related to Cairos Dungeons, so always look at the events tab to make sure that you’re not giving away any opportunities to get some advantage in the game for free.

These would be for now our tips and tricks on how to beat Summoners War: Sky Arena without spending any money. Do you have other strategies that work? Let us know by commenting below!

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How to Beat Summoners War Without Spending Money


  1. Can’t seem to load/pass the game from “checking updates” dialogue in the interface. it happens when I am using mobile data.. even if 4G is used.. but on cable internet it loads fine.. hmmm

  2. Can u pls explain about Eff.Acc, Eff.Res and the use of all Runes for exampel Foccus and Endure runes.I mean this endure is for againts elements or only for repel the status effect?Pls let me know,and inform me through my fb.Thx

    • Hi Ivan,

      Eff ACC means effect accuracy and it basically increases the chance of weakening effects such as weakening the opponent’s attack or armor. Effect Res would be the resistance against these effects.

      • If there is a skill which described that you can do multiple attack with chance 25℅.
        Is that mean i can raise that chance with effect ACC?
        If not is that possible to raise that chance? How?

          • how much acc% can confirm proc the weakening opponent’s attack or armor? my griffon have 73% acc now but the chances look same to me when i just have 20% acc.

  3. I finished the game at level 19, without any difficultly at all, it’s really not that hard as long as you know what’s important, my tips are
    1. have at least all 4 stars + 1 or 2 of them awakened
    2. Add STRONG people, preferably water (but everything else too), because the last level is fire / dark based
    3. Level up, make sure all your monsters (4 stars) are 30 or at least close to it
    4. Make sure you always look at the info for each monster u’re planning to level up (they are VERY HELPFUL)
    5. Level up your runes +5 or so, but +5 is just fine :)
    6. Yes it takes time to level but what u do is go farm in the highest level dungeon you can ON AUTO with 90% – 100% win rate on them
    7. At the very end at of the last area (volcano), for the last 3 battles with the dark type monsters, just use the 10 gems to revive, so altogether that makes 30, which isn’t much seeing as if u finished all daily missions that’s 10 gems already.

    Those are the main tips i’ve got for those want to finish it. Good luck guys and have fun :D


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