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How to Beat Radagon and Elden Beast in Elden Ring – Boss Fight Guide

Here's how to beat the back-to-back boss battles at the end of Elden Ring.

The final showdown in Elden Ring will have the Tarnished face off against two bosses in back-to-back fights that can get seriously drawn out if played poorly. Radagon, the forlorn king of The Lands Between, will immediately be followed up by the Elden Beast, an eldritch creature of mysterious origins.

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The extra pressure from these consecutive fights can be problematic, but like in the rest of Elden Ring’s boss fights, bits of skill, know-how, and perseverance are all that’s needed to win. Here’s how to defeat both.

How to beat Radagon in Elden Ring

How to Kill Radagon of the Golden Order in Elden Ring
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As intimidating as he might seem, Radagon is actually one of the easier bosses in Elden Ring. His attacks are slow and easy to read. However, he does have a few moves that can do a real number to a player’s health bar.

What makes Radagon not as menacing is the fact that he can be easily staggered by weapons with high Poise damage. Heavy attacks from Elden Ring’s greatswords, katanas, twinblades, and straight swords are great for exploiting this weakness.

For mages, use quick-firing spells like Glintstone Pebble to avoid getting locked in place by casting animations. Radagon can rapidly close gaps and counter ranged attacks with Faith-based magic of his own, so it’s best to keep mobile.

To make the fight as easy as possible, summon Black Knife Tiche and let her shred the boss’ health bar with the Blade of Death Ash of War. Let Tiche deal damage and take aggro, then try to look for opportunities to attack Radagon from behind. With a proper build and a bit of luck, he should be dead in no time.

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How to beat the Elden Beast in Elden Ring

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This fight is very different from the previous one. The Elden Beast uses a large variety of Faith-based attacks as well as wide sweeps with its enormous sword. Squaring off against this monster will feel more like a traditional Souls series boss fight, so strap in and prepare to dance.

As with the Radagon fight, Black Knife Tiche or any other high-end summon will help immensely against the Elden Beast, even if it’s just by virtue of splitting aggro. Those who don’t want to rely on companions will have to learn how to dodge the boss’ attacks.

The Elden Beast’s swipes and swings are relatively easy to avoid, but it has a number of ranged attacks that can’t be dodged as efficiently by rolling alone. Here are a few notable attacks and how to avoid them:

  • When it starts to glow and raise its wings, it will launch a rain of light spears that track the player. Sprint around in a small circle to avoid most, if not all, of the projectiles.
  • When the Elden Beast begins to hover, several rings of light will appear and converge below the boss. Jump over the rings instead of rolling past them.
  • Occasionally, the boss will cast Elden Stars, which spawns a ball of light that shoots out a stream of seeking missiles. Keep an eye out for when it performs its casting animation, then immediately sprint behind it when the first few stars appear.

Additionally, its low, sweeping sword attacks can be avoided by jumping. This is especially useful for ranged builds or those that rely on jump attacks. Most of its other magical attacks can also be avoided just by sprinting sideways.

The Elden Beast is extremely resistant to holy damage. Use physical damage or Black Flame instead. Also, it has a weak spot in the middle of its belly, so aim for this as much as possible.

Lastly, always try to stay close to the Elden Beast regardless of character build to prevent it from spamming its ranged attacks. Repeat all of these tips until the final boss of Elden Ring bites the dust.

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How to Beat Radagon and Elden Beast in Elden Ring – Boss Fight Guide

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