How hard is Elden Ring compared to Dark Souls? First of all, the answer to this question is subjective. To me, none of the Souls games have ever felt difficult, as I often found myself clearing bosses and areas with different builds easily. 

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Though things become difficult when players don’t know about the different stats and what they contribute to, weapon scaling, buffs, debuffs, enemies’ weaknesses, and such other things. 

So, why are we talking about all these and simply not answering the question and saving your time? It’s because the above paras will help us back our answer. 

How Hard is Elden Ring Compared to Dark Souls?

Royal Knight Armor Elden Ring

If you are familiar with previous souls games and all the mechanics and things we talked about earlier, Elden Ring will feel easier compared to Dark Souls, especially Dark Souls 3. Except for a few bosses and how you tackle them. 

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If you are not familiar with any past souls games, Elden Ring will prove to be more difficult than any of the Dark Souls games. Why? Because Dark Souls games are somewhat linear, whereas Elden Ring offers a vast open world where you can tackle bosses as per your wish, except for a few Shardbearers. 

This aspect makes players confused about where they should go and what they should do. That aside, some of the bosses in Elden Ring are far more difficult to beat for a new player. 

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On the other hand, Dark Souls I and Dark Souls II are easier than Elden Ring, even for new players, and dark Souls III is also doable with the help of summons. The Ringed City DLC might prove to be a lot more challenging, but you can tackle it. 

That is it. That concludes our guide on how hard Elden Ring is compared to Dark Souls. 

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Elden Ring is a roleplaying game currently available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PC platforms.

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How Hard is Elden Ring Compared to Dark Souls? – Answered


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