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How to Use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring

How to Use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring
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Storm Stomp is an Ashes of War skill that allows you to stomp the ground and create a brief storm. While the storm doesn’t deal a lot of melee damage, it is quite useful for dealing hitstun.

If you’re not sure how to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring or where to find it, you’ve come to the right place. Our guide brings all the details you need to know, so let’s dive in.

Where to Find Storm Stomp in Elden Ring

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To get your hands on Storm Stomp, you should head to Gatefront Ruins—its southeastern area, to be precise. Locate a set of stairs that takes you to an underground chamber with a treasure chest, which contains Whetstone Knife and Storm Stomp.

The easiest way to find the entrance to the underground chamber is to face the huge gate and fortifications and look for the small L-shaped ruins left off the road.

How to Use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring

Once you pick up Storm Stomp and Whetstone Knife from the treasure chest, it’s time to bind Storm Stomp with your preferred weapon. You can follow these instructions:

  1. Find your way to the nearest Site of Grace
  2. Open the Ashes of War menu
  3. Select your weapon of choice and then choose Storm Stomp

After you bind this skill with the preferred weapon, make sure that you have equipped the said weapon.

To use Storm Stomp, press L2 if you’re playing on PlayStation or LT, for Xbox players. PC gamers need to use Shift + the right mouse button.

However, make sure you’re using the two-handed mode for the weapon with the Storm Stomp skill, otherwise, it won’t work with these controls.

That’s all there is to know about how to use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring. We hope it will always give you an advantage in your The Lands Between adventures.

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How to Use Storm Stomp in Elden Ring


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