How to Beat Merge Dragons Challenge 19

How to Beat Merge Dragons Challenge 19

Merge Dragons is a very unique mobile puzzle game developed and published by Gram Games for Android and iOS. You will need to merge different items, and dragon eggs are the most important. These will turn into dragons with all kinds of different abilities. With these creatures on your side, you will need to fight lots of monsters and heal the land. However, some difficult levels require you to follow a certain strategy. Challenge 19 is one of these levels, and it is quite tricky to complete. This guide will tell you how to beat Challenge 19 in Merge Dragons.

How to Beat Challenge 19 in Merge Dragons

Challenge 19 in Merge Dragons is level 133. You will need to merge three Gaia statues and create a restored statue of Gaia, and you will have only a few minutes to do so. However, time is not a problem here, as there are lots of Zomblins that can simply rash your positions. So, there are almost no chances to lose this match because of the lack of time.

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The opponents you will encounter in Challenge 19 are tough, and you will have only a few dragons to fight them. So, the best strategy to beat this level is to ignore enemies and focus on your mission. You have to merge statues of Gaia. At the beginning of the mission, you will have one statue near your edge of the field. The other two statues are located on the opposite side of the map. However, one of these statues is blocked as it is located on dead land.

In order to unlock the third statue and beat Challenge 19, you will need to grab a tiny Orb of Life you can find in the center of the map. Then you should drag it to the point below the Tomb near the blocked statue. The orb will heal dead land and unlock it for you. After that, you just need to heal the rest of this dead land till the third statue is unlocked. Finally, you will be able to merge three statues and beat Challenge 19 in Merge Dragons.

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How to Beat Merge Dragons Challenge 19


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