How to Beat Mega Challenges in


How to Beat Mega Challenges in

Completing Mega Challenges is a complex quest even for skillful players. They require you to do your best and push your limits to survive. This guide will tell you how to beat Mega Challenges in We included only valuable tips that might be helpful even if you are in the late game stages.

Create The Strategy 

Every Mega Challenge includes specific bosses and enemies. You need to understand the type of enemies you will encounter if you want to complete Mega Challenges.

If the boss uses a long-ranged weapon, try to be careful and stay outside the range of his attack. If the strong side of the boss is a melee fight, opt for the long-ranged weapons that can deal damage without taking it.

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Evolve Weapons

Mega Challenges require both in-game expertise and improved weapons that can deal great damage. Even though updating all weapons in is impossible, some weapons like Kunai or A Type Drone should be improved even since the early game.

Choose Appropriate Skills

Some skills in are way more potent than others. If you want to beat Mega Challenges, choose skills that will bring you significant benefits. Check the list below, there we mentioned the best skills in

  • HE Fuel
  • Energy Cube
  • Hi-Power Bullet

Consider that you must play slowly and safely to beat Mega Challenges. Keep a distance between zombies so they cannot approach and accidentally kill you. Moreover, adjust your speed and strategy according to the game’s stage.

That’s it with beating Mega Challenges in It is impossible to complete Mega Challenges even if you are a skillful player with tons of experience. Just make sure to do your best and follow the tips from our guide. It will significantly help you to complete Mega Challenges. And while you are here, make sure to read our guide on how to get the Lightchaser in

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How to Beat Mega Challenges in


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