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How to Beat Chapter 3 in Survivor.io – Chapter Guide

How to Beat Chapter 3 in Survivor.io – Chapter Guide
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Survivor.io is a super fun roguelike survival game for mobile. In it players battle against hordes of zombies who are taking over the city. Survival depends on which weapons are used and what upgrades can be selected. The game consists of multiple chapters which get progressively more difficult.

In this guide we will show you how to beat Chapter 3 in Survivor.io – Chapter guide!

Suvivor.io Chapter Guide: How to Beat Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Gameplay (via Survivor.io)

Although this is a roguelike game and therefore relies a lot on luck and random chance, players can increase the likelihood of beating the chapter by using the best possible weapons and upgrading when needed. There is a chance players may need to play the Chapter a few times due to its randomised nature.

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Beating Chapter 3 requires choosing the correct weapons including ones used in Chapter 2:

  • Forcefield with Energy Drink
  • Guardian with Exo Bracer
  • Molotov with Oil Bond
  • Lightning Emitter with Energy Cube
  • Laser Launcher with Energy Cube

Chapter 3 also requires the use of Hi Power Bullet skill to increase damage dealt.

The bosses you will face in Chapter 3 are a bit of a mixed bag of difficulties. There are 4 bosses to beat:

  • The Toxinator – will move about leaving a trail os poison that causes damage. Avoid the poisonous trail, get hits in when you can but dodge the trail.
  • Sapper Worm – will shadow you and attempt to damage you with explosive projectiles. Stay patient and get hits in when you can, dodging the explosives.
  • Rushgnasher – the more difficult foe out of all of them and requires . This one shoots lasers from its eyes and its head shoots forward. Dodge all the lasers as they can deal some huge damage.
  • Raging Bull – a charging bull who is quick and aggressive! More dodging is required but when it stops you can get some good hits in.

That is all you need to know about beating Survivor.io Chapter 3. Find more information on Suvivor.io in our guide section! Good luck.

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How to Beat Chapter 3 in Survivor.io – Chapter Guide


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