Home Escapes lvl 24
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Homescapes is a widely popular casual mobile game that offers engaging mini-games and much more. While the game offers around 5200 levels with around thirty new levels releasing each week, Homescapes is almost a neverending mobile game.

Even though there are thousands of levels in Homescapes, most of the players are stuck in level 24. Beating Homescapes Level 24 is a daunting task for newcomers.

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Some veteran players also say that the one who clears Homescapes LVL 24 can easily clear the next levels with ease. So, today we are going to talk about some tips and tricks, along with a video showcasing how to clear Homescapes LVL 24.

Tips and tricks to clear Homescapes level 24

  • Check the goal of the level and number of moves available before moving forward.
  • Match three or more pieces of the same type to complete the goals.
  • The main objective should be obtaining power-ups like Rockets, bombs, paper planes and rainbow ball.
  • Match 4 Elements to form a rocket.
  • Match 5 Elements (In the Shape of L and T) to form a bomb.
  • Match 4 to 5 Elements in a Square to form a paper plane.
  • Match 5 Elements in a Row or Column to form a Rainbow Ball.

Power-Ups that helps in clearing Homescape LVL 24

  • Rockets clear all tiles in a row or a column depending on which direction they’re pointed in.
  • Bombs are activated by a double-tap and remove a significant number of tiles.
  • Planes remove one random piece/tile.
  • Rainbow balls remove all the pieces of the same type from the field.

Homescapes is a free to play puzzle game developed by Playrix currently available on Android and iOS platforms.


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