How to Beat Glacial Colossus in Diablo Immortal – Guide and Best Build


Traveling through the game world of Diablo Immortal, sooner or later, you will visit the Frozen Tundra location. This area is full of dangers and an unfavorable climate. While completing the quests, you will wander into a small Cavern of Echoes, and here you will meet with two strong bosses. One of them is Glacial Colossus, and today we will tell you how to defeat him.

How to Beat Glacial Colossus in Diablo Immortal – Guide and Best Build

The Ice Colossus is a powerful ice boss that you will encounter at the end of the Echo Cave dungeon. To fight the boss, you need to go through the Ice Gate, go down the stairs, and fight the normal monsters. After that, the Ice Colossus will wake up, and your battle will begin.

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The battle with Glacial Colossus consists of three phases:

  • The first phase lasts from the beginning of the battle until the moment when the boss has 51% HP. During this phase, the boss uses four abilities: Frozen Shard, Summon Constructs, Ice Shockwave and Ice Rings. From the attacks of Ice Shockwave, Frozen Shard, and Ice Rings, you need to dodge and do it easily, because, before the attack, you will see the affected areas. The biggest problem of this phase is the Summon Constructs skill, with which the boss summons four minions. These minions are very strong, so try to defeat them faster to save more HP for the next phase.
  • The second phase begins when the boss’s health drops to 50%. During this phase, the Glacial Colossus will burrow underground and instead spawn a large ice crystal that will emit two parallel ice beams that rotate in a circle. In addition, pieces of ice will begin to fall from the ceiling. You need to dodge pieces of ice and hide behind them when the ice beam is too close. Also, the boss will summon Chilling Constructs that you need to kill, and once you do that, the boss will appear from the ground, and the third phase will begin.
  • During the third phase, you will not see anything new, since it is identical to the first phase. Do the same as before to kill the boss.

After defeating this boss, you will receive experience and several valuable rewards, and you will complete the Cavern of Echoes dungeon.

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This is all you need to know about how to defeat Glacial Colossus, and if you follow our guide, you will easily defeat this boss and all of his minions.

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How to Beat Glacial Colossus in Diablo Immortal – Guide and Best Build


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