Diablo Immortal Best Item Set Guide


Quality equipment is the key to success in any RPG game, and Diablo Immortal is no exception. Many unique items in the game will enhance the characteristics of your character, but to get the best bonuses, you need to use item sets. There are many different item sets in Diablo Immortal, but today we will tell you about three of the best.

Diablo Immortal Best Item Set Guide

Item Sets are sets consisting of six items of equipment, and the more items from one set you use, the more bonuses you will receive. Collecting all the items from the set is very difficult, as each item is located in different dungeons, and the chance of getting the item is not 100%. But you can also combine several items from various sets and receive partial bonuses from each of them.

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Windloft Perfection

This item set is helpful for all classes and game modes and is the best set in the game.

You can get items from this set in the following dungeons:

AmuletForgotten Tower (Hell 2+)
Ring 1Mad King’s Breach (Hell 4+)
Ring 2Pit of Anguish (Hell 4+)
GlovesTomb of Fahir (Hell 2+)
BeltDestruction’s End (Hell +1)
ShoesKikuras Rapids (Hell +1)


2 items: You gain a Thousand Winds, and your movement speed is increased by 15%. If you take damage, the effect is disabled for 3 seconds.

4 items: You deal 20% more damage while a Thousand Winds is active.

6 items: While a Thousand Winds is active, you gain a shield that makes you immune to damage for five attacks. You will only be able to get the shield again after 40 seconds.

War Rags of Shal’baas

This item set is helpful for Necromancers and Demon Hunters.

You can get items from this set in the following dungeons:

AmuletPit of Anguish (Hell 2+)
Ring 1Temple of Namari (Hell 4+)
Ring 2Cavern of Echoes (Hell 4+)
GlovesMad King’s Breach (Hell 2+)
BeltForgotten Tower (Hell +1)
ShoesTom of Fahir (Hell +1)


2 items: Your primary attack damage is increased by 15%.

4 items: You gradually increase primary attack speed to +25%.

6 items: Your primary attacks have a 5% chance to increase your attack speed for 10 seconds. This effect does not occur more than once every 30 seconds.

Untouchable Mountebank

This item set is helpful for tank characters.

You can get items from this set in the following dungeons:

AmuletCavern of Echoes (Hell 2+)
Ring 1Temple of Namari (Hell 4+)
Ring 2Kikuras Rapids (Hell 4+)
GlovesPit of Anguish (Hell 2+)
BeltMad King’s Breach (Hell +1)
ShoesForgotten Tower (Hell +1)


2 items: When you take damage, there is a 25% chance that a shield will appear that absorbs damage equal to 13% of your maximum health.

4 items: Absorbed damage increased to 33%. You can also pass through enemies while the shield is active.

6 items: When the shield ends, it has a 25% chance to explode. When it explodes, it deals damage equal to 40% of your maximum health to all enemies around you.

Today we told you about the best item sets in our opinion, but there are many other sets, and if something else suits your build, you should not blindly follow the recommendations. Before you receive and use an item, read its specification and make sure that it is what you need.

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Diablo Immortal Best Item Set Guide


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