How to Beat Balor and Headless in Maximus 2

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Balor and Headless are the final bosses in the game. If you successfully got to them – you are skilled enough to beat them. However, fighting them still will be a complicated task even for you. You will fight against 2 bosses, and here is a problem. So, read how to beat Balor and Headless in Maximus 2.

How to Dodge Balor and Headless in Maximus 2

Speaking about dodging these bosses, it’s the hardest bosses to dodge in the whole game. The point is that you will fight against two equally strong characters that attack you at the same time. Additionally, Headless can throw its head, which can attack you as well.

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Set the correct priority when fighting. Firstly, dodge Balor, which deals more damage and only after from Headless and its head. Use jumps and move in the air. Also, try to keep a distance to estimate the situation and attack unexpectedly. That’s one of the rules you should follow when beating these bosses.

How to Hit Balor and Headless in Maximus 2

Killing Balor and Headless doesn’t differ from fighting other bosses. Their health points accumulate in one. After that, they are shown in the bar. So, when fighting you shouldn’t focus on killing only 1 boss. The main rule is to look at the situation on the battlefield and deal the damage when possible. Therefore, you have to aim your weapon set at attack speed. And that’s how you can beat them successfully.

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How to Beat Balor and Headless in Maximus 2


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