How to Beat the Frostmaiden in Maximus 2 

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Maximus 2 offers 15 different bosses through the career mode. The farther the boss is, the harder it’s to beat. And the Frostmaiden is one of the hardest bosses in the game. To beat it, you need to have a couple of extra lives and good equipment. If you have this done, then read and figure out how to beat the Frostmaiden in Maximus 2.

How to Dodge Frostmaiden in Maximus 2

Generally, it’s quite hard to dodge this boss. At the start of the battle, Frostmaiden causes 4 guards to attack you. Additionally, it attacks you at the same time. And at this stage, it’s impossible to dodge their hits. However, when you successfully kill the guards, you should distance your character from the boss. Then perform fast attacks dodging Frostmaiden’s ice arrows. 

How to Kill Frostmaiden in Maximus 2

As you know, the boss causes 4 guards to attack you. And the damage accumulates so much that you can’t beat this boss without extra lives. So, firstly you have to incrementally kill the guards, focusing on them one by one. When you are doing this, try to fight with guards at the maximum possible range from the Frostmaiden. Parallelly, you have to dodge the ice arrows. After the guards are killed, all you need is to kill the boss. It has a few health points, so it will be a piece of cake for you.

That’s all with beating this boss, hope you do this!

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How to Beat the Frostmaiden in Maximus 2 


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