How to Beat 7-star Greninja Raid: Best Counters and Weaknesses – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide

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Are you feeling up for a true challenge in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? If so, consider taking a shot at the 7-star raid currently available in the game. The enemy that awaits you is none other than a Greninja that is basically at the highest power it can possibly be at. But even this frog has its Achilles heel if you prepare enough. This is how to beat the 7-star Greninja Raid and its best counters and weaknesses.

What To Know About The 7 Star Greninja

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Greninja’s Tera type is a Poison type, meaning that it will absolutely decimate Fairy types, Fighting types, Grass types, Bug types, and other Poison types. Poison Pokemon themselves only have two weaknesses, that being Ground and Psychic, so you really need to be careful about who you choose to bring to this.

Since Psychic types may take damage from Greninja’s Dark type moves, your best bet is going to be using Ground type Pokemon with a Ground type Tera type. The game has a lot of options for that.


clodsire from pokemon

One of the best Pokemon for this role is a Clodsire, the evolved form of Paldean Wooper. You can find it very early on in the game and spend the entirety of your journey raising it so that it’s ready for the 7-star battles by the time you get to them. Clodsire is extremely tanky and has a high HP bar, so it will be able to handle the powerful moves from Greninja. As a partial Poison type itself, it is almost evenly matched up with Greninja’s attacks. Try to find one with the Water Absorb ability, where it will recover HP when hit with Water based attacks.


Donphan from Pokemon

Another excellent option that can handle itself in difficult battles is Donphan. It’s a Ground type Pokemon originally from Generation 2 that doesn’t get nearly enough attention as it should. To get it, all you have to do is capture a Phanpy and evolve it to level 25. Donphan has a special ability called Sturdy, where it will be left with one HP point if a powerful move hits it. It has a high defense and high attack stat. Some of its best moves include Stomping Tantrum, Bulldoze, and Dig. Dig is especially good because it lets your unit evade an attack.


Palossand from Pokemon

Something else that could unexpectedly work is a Palossand, the evolved form of Sandygast. Despite it being a Ghost and Ground type, it can learn moves like Psychic, Sludge Bomb, and Mud Shot, all counters for Greninja. Its Ground typing might seem like it’s a weakness, but Palossand’s ability prevents this. This ability is called Water Compaction and it raises Palossand’s defense by 2 stages any time it gets hit by a Water type attack. A high defense always come in handy in a 7-star raid.

To be successful in this fight, your unit should absolutely be at level 100, or at the minimum, 90-95. If you keep that in mind along with these units, you’re guaranteed success. You can challenge the 7-star Greninja today in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet!

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How to Beat 7-star Greninja Raid: Best Counters and Weaknesses – Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Guide


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