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How to Beat 14-22 in Cookie Run Kingdom

How to Beat 14-22 in Cookie Run Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom is one of the best RPGs in the modern game industry. There are lots of different characters that you will need to collect and upgrade. Also, the game has a huge amount of missions that you will have to play and some of them are really hard. Today we are going to talk about such a stage. The 14-22 stage seems to be problematic for many players and today we are going to help them. This guide will tell you how to beat the 14-22 stage in Cookie Run: Kingdom. Let’s get to it!

How to Beat 14-22 Stage in Cookie Run: Kingdom

Cookie Run: Kingdom has a huge list of different stages that you can try to complete. Some of these levels seem to be really problematic. The 14-22 stage is one of the most difficult ones and there are lots of players who can’t complete it.

The 14-22 stage in Cookie Run: Kingdom requires you to fight with the boss named Affogato Cookie. This magician is able to poison and debuff your team. Also, he summons powerful minions that are able to debuff your Cookies as well. So, this is not going to be an easy fight and if you want to defeat Affagato Cookie you will have to prepare a proper team.

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In order to beat the 14-22 stage, we recommend you form a squad of the next Cookies:

  • Dark Choco Cookie
  • Caramel Arrow Cookie
  • Eclair Cookie
  • Cotton Cookie
  • Parfait Cookie

This team is able to stand against Affagato Cookie minions and defeat this boss fast enough. As for Treasures we recommend you bring Sugar Swan’s Shining Feather, Squishy Jelly Watch, and Old Pilgrim’s Scroll.

There are lots of difficult missions that you can play in Cookie Run: Kingdom and hopefully this guide will help you to beat the 14-22 stage. Good luck in your battle with Affagato Cookie and his minions.

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How to Beat 14-22 in Cookie Run Kingdom


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