How to Beat 11-20 in the Cookie Run Kingdom


Cookie Run Kingdom is the eighth installment in the magical cookie game series. In this game, you have to create your kingdom, get new cookies ready to fight on your side, and fight against different opponents. Cookie Run Kingdom has several interesting game modes, and the story mode is one of them. Today we will talk about level 11-20 of the story mode and tell you how to beat it.

How to Beat 11-20 in the Cookie Run Kingdom

The history of the game world and each character in the Cookie Run Kingdom is incredibly detailed and interesting. Each cookie is unique, has its own goals, desires and dreams, and each chapter of the story is thought out and makes you experience all the events of the game as if you were part of the story. For this reason, the developers have tried very hard to make the story mode of the highest quality, the levels are diverse, and sometimes very difficult.

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Most of the levels are very easy to complete if you have a strong cookie team, but some are much more difficult. Level 11-20 is one of the hardest stages on the path of the story mode, and below we will tell you how to get through it.

To get started, you need to have a strong team, and we recommend the following:

  • Cocoa Cookie (5 dmg resist)
  • Cotton Cookie (2 cooldowns, 3 dmg resist )
  • Sea Fairy (5 searing raspberries)
  • Tiger Lily (5 cooldowns)
  • Pure Vanilla (5 cooldowns)

To pass level 11-20 without problems, each cookie must be at least level 45-50.

Then you can go into battle, and here is how you need to attack to win:

  • Wave 1.2: Tiger Lily – Cocoa Cookie – Sea Fairy – Cotton Cookie.
  • Wave 3: Tiger Lily – Cocoa Cookie – Cotton Cookie.
  • Wave 4: Tiger Lily – Sea Fairy – Cocoa Cookie. And finish off the enemies with the remaining cookies.
  • Only use Pure Vanilla when your cookies are low on health.

If you follow the guide and do everything right, you will easily pass level 11-20.

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How to Beat 11-20 in the Cookie Run Kingdom


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