How to be The Best Sniper in PUBG: New State

How to be The Best Sniper in PUBG: New State

In battle royals like PUBG: New State, players are presented with a large map with changing terrain and density of objects. Here you will find many long distances, at which it is convenient to shoot with sniper rifles. This is a whole art to be a cool sniper, it is important to have excellent aiming skills, correctly assess the environment, feel the rhythm of the game, keep timing and focus on the target.

The main advantage of a sniper is tactical location. As long as you are far from the enemy, nothing threatens you. Therefore, in this guide, we will tell you how to be the best sniper in PUBG: New State.

Mobile Sniper Guide in PUBG: New State

Mobile sniper is the best type of sniper in PUBG: New State. It is suitable for experienced snipers who can shoot on the move and correlate the trajectory of the bullet with the speed of the opponent. The shots of these players reach the target nine out of ten times. They superbly control the space, know how to play from the position.

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How do these snipers play? They often move out of position, confuse opponents, coordinate the actions of the team, and can rush if they are sure that they will hit the enemy. Also, they move freely around the map and be sure to carry a good secondary weapon with them.

To become such a player, you need to spend a lot of time training and practicing. Improve your aiming skills, be sure to adjust the sensitivity of the mouse so that it is convenient for you to aim at the target. Practice using CS: GO simulators that develop reactions and a sense of timing. Play. Play a lot, skillfully and thoughtfully, because a sniper is not only about skills, but also about the ability to analyze the situation around.

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How to be The Best Sniper in PUBG: New State


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