PUBG: New State Assault Rifles Guide

How to Land Headshots in PUBG: New State

In PUBG: New State, Assault Rifles are essential for winning games. This is the largest class of weapons, effective at long and medium ranges. Rifles will also save you in close combat. They sometimes outperform submachine guns and shotguns designed specifically for close-range shooting. To perform well with assault rifles in PUBG: New State, it is important to pay attention to the following aspects:

  • Spray;
  • Aiming;
  • Shooting position.

In this guide, we will give you some tips for effective assault rifle combat.

Sight Control

This is a key skill that will help you win shooting duels with any weapon. For assault rifles, it is doubly important. They are effective at all shooting distances, you will have to adapt to aiming in different ways.

Adjust the sensitivity of the mouse so that you can comfortably move the cursor and aim at the target without unnecessary movements. Practice basic shooting patterns at the training ground. Ideal if you learn to shoot all rifles. But you can stop at two or three options that are convenient for you.

Exercise as much as possible. Before each match, we recommend that you aim for 10-15 minutes, and only then join the battle.

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Assault Rifles Spray in PUBG: New State

The second most important skill when playing with assault rifles. You will not master it until you learn to aim accurately and control the scope. The art of the spray is to release a burst and sharply wire the scope to where the enemy appears.

For example, you enter a room with two exits. You aim at one doorway, but you hear footsteps from the opposite exit. You sharply turn around and transfer the front sight to the enemy who only noticed you. Without bringing the sight, you pull the trigger and fire the first bullets that fly off target. Then the turn overtakes the enemy. He tries to hide, but the bullets continue to follow him. This entire episode lasts two to three seconds and ends with a knockout or murder of the enemy.

The spray can be applied at any distance, but it will work best close to the enemy. So it will be easier for you to control the sight, and the destructive power of the bullets will not be extinguished by the firing range.

If you are firing from a distance, we recommend shooting in short bursts or single rounds. This will increase the chance of hitting.

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PUBG: New State Assault Rifles Guide


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