Pokémon Unite is a competitive MOBA game, and these kinds of games are always more fun with friends! If you’re looking to join some friends for some jolly co-operation, you’ll have to add them in the game first. Things can be a little confusing at first, so in today guide we’ll show you how to add friends in Pokémon Unite!

How to Add Friends

Pokémon Unite has two ways of adding friends: through trainer names and through Nintendo Accounts. Since the game is only out on the Switch as of now, your game will automatically link your Nintendo Account upon launching it for the first time.

The simplest way to add a friend is through your own internal Switch friend’s list. If you’ve already got someone of your Switch friend list, and they’ve started playing Pokémon Unite, you can head to the Friend Search section of the Pokémon Unite friend list and hit the – button to open the Add Friend list. This will bring up a list of players on your Switch friend list that have also started playing Pokémon Unite.

If you need to add someone to your Switch friends list or vice versa, you’ll need to exchange friend codes with your friend. Your Switch friend code can be found in your Switch profile at the top left of the Switch main menu.

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The alternative way of adding friends is through trainer names. During the beginning into of Pokémon Unite, players will have to choose a trainer name. You can search for trainer names in the Friend Search section. Make sure to type in their trainer name exactly as they did, or else the search will come up with no results.

And that’s how you add friends in Pokémon Unite! If you have any other questions, let us know in the comments below!

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