How to Acquire Prizefighter (Boxing Gloves) Camo in COD Mobile

How to Acquire Prizefighter (Boxing Gloves) Camo in COD Mobile

In Call of Duty Mobile, a mobile first-person shooter, you can fight against teams of other players using a variety of equipment. Many new items have been added in Season 7. One of the new melee weapons is the Prizefighter. And in this guide, we will tell you how you can get it.

How to Acquire Prizefighter

You can get it by purchasing the Golden Bull Prizefighters’ skin. But there is also a way to get this weapon for free. It is given as a reward for completing the Knockout Artist event.

To do this, you will need to complete seven Challenges. For each of them, you will also receive certain rewards.

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Here is a list of the challenges:

  • You need to play 5 matches in multiplayer and you will receive some Battle Pass XP and Credits.
  • For the second Challenge, you need to kill 10 enemies by using a melee weapon.
  • In the third Challenge, your task in multiplayer is to get the Backstabber Medal 15 times.
  • The next challenge is more difficult. You need to use perks such as Quick Fix and Dead Silence and kill 20 opponents.
  • For the fifth Challenge, you need to get 15 Backstabber Medals in multiplayer.
  • In the 6th Challenge, you can get 4000 Battle Pass XP and AGR 556- Colorweave skin if you will use Hardline perk in multiplayer and win 5 matches.
  • And in the last Challenge, you have to kill 15 enemies using AGR 556.

However, keep in mind that to get Prizefighter you will need to complete all the Challenges.

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How to Acquire Prizefighter (Boxing Gloves) Camo in COD Mobile


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