How Many Years Does Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Cover

Time is not infinite in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life.

If you’re looking for a farming simulator that’s unique from others, consider checking out Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life. Unlike most game, this one where time passes as it would in real life. You get older, the villagers get older, and you raise a family. This game doesn’t focus on building the most aesthetic farm or developing the village, it’s about enjoying everything you establish over the course of your time in the valley. This is all of the years Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life covers.

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Starting The Farm In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

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In-game screenshot by Touch Tap Play.

You arrive to the village as a young person who plans to expand the farm that was your father’s dream. The backstory is that he passed away before his vision could come true, and it’s up to you to continue it. In the first year of the game, you have to choose and woo the bachelor or bachelorette of your choice. There will be a time skip and the next part of the game will start.

Having A Child In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

The skip is about two or three years. You and your partner have had a child who is now a toddler. You buy toys for him and play with him to enjoy this peaceful time before he grows up. After two years in game time passes, the next stage will begin.

How Kids Grow Up In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

In this era, your son is now past the stage of early childhood. About four or five years have passed now since the previous chapter closed. He’s growing up quickly before your eyes. Overall, it has been around ten to twelve years since you came to the valley. You’re likely in your early thirties now, older but still in the prime of youth.

After three in game years pass, the next time skip will begin. Your child is in his teenage years now and looking for what he wants to do in life. The player character is quietly approaching their forties and lived in the valley for around fifteen years. This chapter lasts for two years.

How You Age In Story Of Seasons: A Wonderful Life

Congratulations, you’re now the parent of a late teens-twenty something. Being in your late forties-early fifties had slowed you down a little, but you’ve still got a lot of life in you. You’ve built friendships with the villagers now over the course of twenty-five to thirty years. The rest of life is going to fly by, as these last two eras only now have a year before the time skips. By the time the game ends, about thirty-five to forty years have gone by, making you a sixty something. You pass away in peace after a lifetime of family, friendships, and farming.

Build and live a dream life for yourself in Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life today!

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How Many Years Does Story of Seasons: A Wonderful Life Cover