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How Many Levels or Maps in Outlast Trials

How Many Levels or Maps in Outlast Trials
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Long games are definitely not every person’s cup of tea, especially when time and patience are short. This is especially true when it comes to horror games because one can only handle so much scary content. Scary is an understatement when talking about the Outlast games, as there’s no feeling quite like hiding and hoping the mutants in the asylum won’t see you.

The games simulate fear in the perfect way and take it to the next level in Outlast Trials, the newest title in the franchise. But is it quite as long as the other games? How many levels or maps are in Outlast Trials?

How Levels Are Organized In Outlast Trials

scientists from outlast trials
Screenshot from the official game trailer.

Similar to the past games in gameplay but with new plot schematics, Trials has you as the forced patient in a Cold War era where you must complete certain tasks to escape. In total, there are currently four different maps for you to play through. Each one has its own complex storyline and objective requirements to complete in order to fully clear the map. These are the four currently available:

  • Fun Park
  • Police Station
  • Mansion
  • Orphanage

More Maps Coming In Outlast Trials

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This seems like a small amount of content, and it is, but that’s because the game is currently in early access mode and does not have its full gameplay yet. More maps will likely be added when the complete version becomes available. While the early access might seem small, it’s important to keep in mind that each of the maps is very rich in content and that everyone is different from the other in that aspect. You’ll unlock more quests as you get deep into a map and the increased complexities that come with it. You can also play it with friends!

This is definitely a game you want to take your time with to fully understand the story of each map. If you want a spooky franchise with lots of lore, the Outlast series is definitely the way to go. For other coverage on Outlast Trials, keep following Touch Tap Play’s coverage!

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How Many Levels or Maps in Outlast Trials