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Can You Play Outlast Trials on Steam Deck?

Can You Play Outlast Trials on Steam Deck?
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If you thought Outlast and its sequel were terrors, you aren’t ready for Outlast Trials, the prequel to the popular franchise. The game takes us to the era of the Cold War, when the Murkoff Corporation is kidnapping people for their heinous experiments. Your sanity, durability, and morality will all be tested here. If you can survive, you can leave. If not, well…that’s to be seen. Usually, the ideal way to play this would be via PC, but it would be just as fun in a portable format. However, can you actually play this in that way? Can you play Outlast Trials on Steam Deck?

How To Play Outlast Trials Early Access

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Right now Outlast Trials is currently in early access mode, meaning you can purchase it, but it’s not completely finished. Therefore you might run into bugs or hiccups in the gameplay. If you aren’t comfortable with that, you might want to wait until the game has its full release. However, the full release time is not currently known. Also, the developer says the price will increase for the official launch so if you want to save some money, now is definitely the time to get it.

How To Check If Outlast Trials is Steam Deck Verified

Outlast Trials is indeed available to play on the Steam Deck. This is certain because it has the verified checkmark on its page in Steam. To check if any game is playable on Steam Deck, this is what you need to do. First, find the game on Steam by typing it in the search bar. After you find it, you need to scroll down slightly and keep an eye on the right side of the page.

The Steam verifier.
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If it’s verified, you will see a small rectangle bar with a green checkmark that says verified. This means that Valve has tested the game to certify that is playable on the Steam Deck. The interface, controller mechanics, and graphics are all guaranteed to work. If you do not see that bar on a game’s page, it isn’t Steam Deck verified.

You can play Outlast Trials today in early access mode on the Steam store! Scary game fans will definitely not want to miss this one!

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Can You Play Outlast Trials on Steam Deck?