How Many Endings Does Citizen Sleeper Have? – Answered

How Many Endings Does Citizen Sleeper Have? - Answered

The Citizen Sleeper features many choices made by the protagonist throughout the story campaign. Let’s take a look at how many endings Citizen Sleeper has for interested gamers and what endings are featured. 

What Endings Does Citizen Sleeper Have and How Many Are There in Total?

There are 9 endings in total! We won’t go into the details of the plot, we’ll do without spoilers.

The main thing is to understand what conditions must be met to enter a particular ending. The first is “Strange and Abundant Growth”, given for completing the quest line of the NeoVend vending machine.

The second, third, fourth, and fifth can be gotten from the Mina and Lema mission chain. You can pre-save to a separate file, and then check the various options.

The sixth ending, titled “Heat and Light”, is unlocked from the aforementioned vending machine as an alternative to the first. We put it exactly in the 6th place since the probability of unlocking is slightly lower.

The seventh and eighth are the Bliss the Ship Mechanic quest rewards. Accordingly, we recommend making a separate save to the slot again so as not to replay the entire game.

The ninth is called Sleeping Citizen. It is considered secret since you will not receive the achievement on Steam and on consoles (unlike the previous ones).

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How Many Endings Does Citizen Sleeper Have? – Answered


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