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How Many Companions to Use in Wartales

How Many Companions to Use in Wartales
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In Wartales, your job is to lead a group of merciless mercenaries and explore the vast open world full of riches but also danger and combat. Check your heroism at the door—this is a story of survival. You would think that the strength lies in numbers in such a ruthless environment, but that is not necessarily the case.

What is the ideal number of mercenaries in your group? How many companions should you use in Wartales? This guide brings you all the answers.

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How Many Companions Should You Use in Wartales?

Wartales starts you off with a four-member party, but you can bring that number up to 30 or even more—on the condition that you have enough resources to support all companions. While the maximum number of mercenaries in Wartales is not set, you should think a little bit more modestly for optimal results and choose up to ten companions.

Wartales party size
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This number (excluding pets and ponies) is usually enough to get you the full Wartales experience, as you can have mercenaries from all major professions and enough people to make combat easier. Still, the ultimate answer to the question of how many companions you should use in Wartales depends on your gaming style and the mode you’re playing in.

In Adaptive mode, the enemy’s team scales based on the number of your companions, so keeping your team mid-sized is a good option. On the other hand, in Region-Locked mode, a bigger party can prove to be a benefit since enemy teams stay their predetermined size.

In the end, the best recipe is for you to experiment with different party sizes and choose as many companions as you can support comfortably.

Let us know in the comments what type of group works best for you. If you get tired of playing Wartales, come back to TouchTapPlay and explore more of our guides for popular medieval games, including Best Weapons in Mordhau or Kingdom Come: Deliverance Money-Making Guide | How to Make Money Fast.

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How Many Companions to Use in Wartales


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