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The Best Armor Set in Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Armor Set Tier List

The Best Armor Set in Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Armor Set Tier List
Image via Warhorse Studios
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It’s the Late Middle Ages—you’re nothing without a good set of armor and some powerful weapons to match in Kingdom Come: Deliverance. First and foremost, a good armor set protects you from all kinds of enemy attacks, but you should also pay attention to how it affects your stealth or what kind of impression it leaves on others.

This action RPG set in 15th-century Bohemia brings many options for different armor pieces, but there are 12 different sets of armor in the game, and you may wonder which one is the best. This article brings you a complete armor set tier list so that you can learn what the best armor set in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is and invest accordingly!

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Meissen Armor Set

Kingdom Come Deliverance armor 1
Image by Warhorse Studios

This armor set contains only two pieces—plate pauldrons and plate chausses. While its arm armor part is gold-trimmed, this set is not the best option since you will need other pieces for the rest of your body. It is also quite noisy and doesn’t bring any but average protection.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Polish Armor Set

The Polish armor set comes with a body plate, arm armor, and leg plate, but it doesn’t impress with its mediocre Slash, Stab, and Blunt resistance stats for each part. Due to its Noise, Visibility, and Conspicuousness numbers, it will hinder your stealth potential. Therefore, if you get your hands on it early on, feel free to look for a better option when you get the chance.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Kuttenberg Armor Set

Kingdom Come Deliverance armor
Image by Warhorse Studios

This set protects your upper body, but it leaves your legs exposed as it comes only with gloves, a body plate, and a body garment. While Kuttenberg gloves are one of the strongest items in this category, the rest of this armor set doesn’t amaze. One of its advantages is nice levels of Charisma, but that’s not the main reason for wearing an armor set, is it?

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Saxon Armor Set

This armor set leaves a lukewarm impression as it is quite run-of-the-mill—not great, not terrible. While it includes four pieces—body garment (four options), gloves, arm armor, and leg plates—it doesn’t stand out in any particular aspect except that it is not very expensive.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Nuremburgian Armor Set

Kingdom Come Deliverance armor
Image by Warhorse Studios

This set’s body plate, the Nuremburgian cuirass, provides great protection, but the rest of the set—gloves, arm armor, and leg plate—weigh it down a bit, even though they are some generally good pieces. The other disadvantage to the Nuremburgian armor set is how noisy it is, which places this otherwise solid set somewhere in the middle.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Aachen Armor Set

This durable set consists of a body plate, body garment, gloves, and leg plate. It is another average set, with some pieces standing out—its gloves are the second-best in that category. This set is not bad, but its biggest problem is that there are better sets out there.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Milanese Armor Set

Kingdom Come Deliverance armor
Image by Warhorse Studios

The Milanese armor set brings even six options for its body plate, which means it is more customizable than others. Alongside the body plate, you also have gloves, arm armor, and leg plates, which all rank quite well when it comes to protection. While it is also noisy, it will get you some adoration from the local population thanks to its Charisma stats.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Magdeburg Armor Set

Another combination of a body plate, gloves, arm armor, and leg plate pieces, the Magdeburg armor set is quite strong thanks to its plate pauldrons and chausses, which are near the top of the list in their categories. If you opt for this set, you can say goodbye to stealth, but you will also benefit from its high Charisma levels.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Warhorse Armor Set

Kingdom Come Deliverance armor
Image by Warhorse Studios

This is the only armor set in Kingdom Come: Deliverance that contains every possible armor piece. While full-body coverage does give it a small advantage, individual pieces don’t stand out that much when it comes to defense. The durability levels also leave something to be desired.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Augsburg Armor Set

The Augsburg set is one of the smaller sets in the game as it comes with gloves, arm armor, and leg plates only. Still, when combined with other sets, the protection it grants shouldn’t be dismissed too easily. This set is loud and easily noticeable, but it is also durable and brings great Charisma scores.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Lords of Leipa Armor Set

Kingdom Come Deliverance armor
Image by Warhorse Studios

The second-best in the category of full-body coverage sets, the Lords of Leipa armor set is obtained after you win the Rattay Tourney. High in defense and charisma stats, it is one of the best sets in the game. The only aspect where it could go a bit further would be its durability.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance—Zoul Armor Set

The best armor set in Kingdom Come: Deliverance is the Zoul armor set. The armor of Sir Hagen Zoul from the DLC Band of Bastards comes with a helmet, body plate, arm armor, and leg plates. It does a great job of protecting you from harm, and it is durable, with high Charisma levels. For the best possible results, you can add the Lords of Leipa gloves and the body garment and become truly unstoppable.

And there you have it—the best armor sets in Kingdom Come: Deliverance ranked. Let us know what you think and don’t forget to check out our article that tells you how to make money fast in this game.

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The Best Armor Set in Kingdom Come: Deliverance | Armor Set Tier List


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